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331 double syringe dispenser

331 double syringe dispenser



产品用途:Applicable to different manufacturing fields, widely used in precision hardware shops, plastics industry, electronics industry, home appliance industry, etc. It is suitable for a wide range of glue surfaces, such as UV glue, epoxy resin, silica gel,

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1. According to different needs, the dispensing speed/dispensing amount/dispensing trajectory (spatial points, lines, arcs, etc.) can be set separately.
2. Precision suck back controller, imported solenoid valve, with suck back function, accurate dispensing track, even glue, breaking glue simply, no drawing or dripping.
3. A variety of dispensing needles, syringes, dispensing valves and controllers are available to meet different requirements, and the air pressure can be adjusted to control the amount of glue.
4. High-end brand configuration: Japan's Shinano Electric, Taiwan's Shangyin rail, Japan's Omron photoelectric switch, Italy's Elate belt, Leisai driver, Taiwan's MEAN WELL power supply, red wave switch.
5. Independent mold opening, aluminum profile mold casting structure, solid, beautiful, high precision, guaranteed quality, beautiful appearance.
6. Hand-held teaching programming device, supporting both Chinese and English interfaces, easy to learn, 8 years of development experience, and tens of thousands of application cases. We are equipped with a dedicated person to guide the use, only 30 minutes can be basically mastered.
7. The system can store hundreds of processing files, and each file can support 8000 instructions, which can be called up when in use. It supports the import of DXF and PLT files, and the function of automatic path optimization.
8. Monthly sales of 500 sets of equipment, rich on-site practical use cases and experience, 30-person after-sales service and process debugging team to ensure after-sales service and technical support.
9. One year free warranty and lifetime free maintenance.

Specification Table:
model Automatic dispenser
stroke 300/300/100 (customized on demand)
Programmatically Teaching programming or graphics import
Movable graphic trajectory Point, straight line, arc, full circle, curve, polyline, spiral, ellipse
Dispensing needle Plastic needle/TT needle
Dispensing tube 3CC/5CC/10CC/30CC/55CC/100CC/200CC/300CC/500CC
Minimum discharge 0.01ml
Glue frequency 5 times/sec
load Y/X axis load 10kg
Z axis load 5kg
Shaft speed X/Y/Z(mm) 0-600mm/sec
Decomposing ability 0.01mm/Axis
Repeatability(mm) Screw drive 0.01-0.02
Synchronous belt drive 0.02-0.04
Program recording mode At least 100. 5000Points per group
Display method LCD teaching box
Motor system Japan micro stepping precision motor
transfer method guide Taiwan Shangyin Linear Guide
Screw Taiwan Silver Screw
Belt Italy Elate Synchronous Belt
X/Y/Z axis synchronous belt is standard configuration, Z axis screw is optional, X/Y/Z axis screw is customized
Motion tweening function 3axis(3Any route in three-dimensional space)
Input power Full voltage AC110V-220V
External control interface RS232
Motor control axis 3 axis
Axis dynamic range X axis 300(Customized according to needs)
Y axis 300(Customized according to needs)
Z axis 100(Customized according to needs)
R axis (Customized according to needs)
Dimensions 730*589*630
Body weight 68kg

Dedicated plane
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