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CCD visual dispenser, helping "Industry 4.0 Era" t


        The concept of Industry 4.0 was first proposed by Germany, and then a wave of industrial transformation and upgrading has been set off in various countries around the world. With the Chinese version of the "Industry 4.0" or "Made in China 2025" strategy, various industries and fields have begun to promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. In order to gain an advantage in the future manufacturing enterprises, it requires the intelligentization, automation and digitization of all links, production processes, and machinery and equipment of the factory in the era of Industry 4.0. In the future, it will be a general trend to improve the productivity, production efficiency and product quality of the value chain through the intelligent way of human-machine collaboration.
        The indispensable dispensing production process on the production line seems to be simple and repetitive, but in fact the foundation is critical. Nowadays, most factories still use manual dispensing. The traditional inefficiency of manual dispensing production lines and uneven dispensing quality can easily lead to differences in product quality. In addition, due to the large number of uncertain factors in manual dispensing, it will seriously affect product quality. Therefore, automatic dispensers came into being and began to be widely used in factory production lines. The automatic dispensing machine can replace manual work and fully realize the automation of production. It can be operated by a single machine, which is simple and convenient, high-speed and precise. In addition, you can also add machines as needed to realize a fully automated assembly line.
        As a new type of high-precision and high-speed dispenser equipment, the visual dispenser is equipped with a CCD visual inspection system on the basis of the dispenser. The computer can accurately identify the position, visual programming visual inspection, CCD visual inspection automatic positioning correction, so There is no need to manually check whether the glue point is qualified, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the visual dispensing machine belongs to the online dispensing machine, which provides convenience for enterprises to realize the automation of production line and is very popular.
        The visual dispenser has the characteristics of easy operation and easy learning, which is very beneficial for front-line operators with low academic qualifications. Because the ease of operation greatly improves their learning efficiency, the company does not need to spend too much time and expense on induction training for employees, so it can save the company's training costs. From a big point of view, visual dispensers can enable companies to complete customer orders more efficiently, and deliver faster than traditional processes, and it has also improved the company's reputation imperceptibly.
        The visual control system of the visual dispenser replaces manual operation, which not only has high productivity, but also has a very low error rate. It can automatically complete the entire process of glue dispensing and delivery of glue to the glue outlet according to the instructions issued by the system without manual intervention. This is mainly because the visual dispenser can automatically identify the position of the product and complete the dispensing according to the running track, which is obviously more advantageous than other dispensing equipment.
        The visual dispenser can be connected to the computer client to adjust the parameters such as the amount of glue and the time of the glue, so that the function of the dispenser is more comprehensive, and the industry applicability is wider. If the user needs to perform higher-demand dispensing work, you can set the uninterrupted loop dispensing mode in the visual dispensing machine to get the effect that the user wants. In addition, the vision dispensing machine uses a precise stepping motor as the drive, which effectively enhances the dispensing accuracy and quality of the product, making the equipment work more stable and efficient.
        Zhiyin Technology, inspires the future, visual dispensers will continue to be reformed and updated, helping factories to become intelligent in the Industry 4.0 era. Use multi-field research and development precipitation to provide customers with high-quality and efficient industrial equipment to help users create higher value.