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How to extend the life of the automatic soldering machine?


   1. Automatic soldering machine equipment The new electric soldering iron should be dipped in tin before use. After turning on the power, the color of the soldering iron tip will change for a while, which proves that the soldering iron of the automatic soldering machine equipment is hot, and then put the solder wire on the tip of the soldering iron. Plating tin to make the soldering iron hard to be oxidized. During use, keep the tip of the soldering iron clean and ensure that there is always solder on the tip of the soldering iron.
   2. When using a soldering iron, the temperature of the soldering iron is too low to melt the solder. If the temperature is too high, the soldering iron will "burn out". In addition, the soldering time must be controlled. If the electric soldering iron stays for too short a time, the solder is not easy to melt completely, forming a "virtual solder", and the soldering time is too long and it is easy to damage the components. , Or make the copper foil of the printed circuit board lift up. A solder joint must be welded every two seconds. If it is not completed, I would rather wait a while and then solder again.
   Three, welding method:
   1. Place the soldering iron tip on the pad and component pin to increase the temperature of the solder joint.
   2. When the solder joint reaches the proper temperature, put the rosin solder wire on the solder joint to melt.
   3. After the solder is melted, the automatic soldering machine equipment should move the soldering iron head slightly according to the shape of the solder joint, so that the solder is evenly covered with the solder joint and penetrates into the gap of the soldered surface. After the solder wire is melted, the solder wire should be removed quickly .
   4. Remove the electric soldering iron, when the solder on the solder joint is almost full, the flux (rosin) has not been completely volatilized, the temperature is appropriate, the solder is the brightest, and the fluidity is strongest, move the soldering iron tip quickly along the component pin direction and leave quickly To ensure that the solder joints are bright, smooth and free of burrs, use a side-cutting pliers to cut off the excessively long pins of the component so that the component pins are slightly exposed to the solder joints.
   5. After soldering a few points, wipe the soldering iron tip with a wire to make the soldering iron tip clean and smooth. If the soldering iron tip is "gray" and no bright light is visible, the hot soldering iron cannot be dipped in tin, and it is burnt "dead". Wipe the tip of the soldering iron with the wire used for dishwashing, and then plate it with solder wire.
   If you encounter any troublesome problems at work, please do not disassemble and assemble it by yourself, and you need to contact the professional automatic soldering machine manufacturer to solve it for you.