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电话:86 0755 29755799


地址:Building 11, District B, Liantang Industrial City, Shangcun Community, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

Service purposes
1. We insist on the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
2. We insist on focusing on equipment automation technology.
3. We insist on using precision machine tools to process every machine part to ensure its reliability.
4. Our customer service representatives will provide you with professional consultation and detailed answers to questions.
5. If necessary, we will arrange an excellent service engineer to come to your door on time according to your agreed time.
6. While our technical engineers provide quality services, they will explain the working principle and operation process of the equipment in detail to you.
7. Response efficiency: Adhere to giving advice within 2 hours after receiving the user's repair report, and arrive at the customer site for maintenance within 24 hours in the province.
8. Unobstructed communication: If you have any questions about our products, just call the company to set up 400 service hotline, switchboard telephone and online customer service online platform, which can provide you with high-quality and fast service anytime, anywhere.

Before shipment, the equipment can be assembled and debugged in full accordance with the technical requirements, and can be shipped after a comprehensive quality test.
Provide on-site installation training services, and provide free operating skills training for users until the operators can operate proficiently. After confirming that the equipment is working properly, the engineer will conduct on-site tracking as needed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.