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What are the factors that affect the accuracy of the automat


The wide application of electronic glue in today's society has led to the rapid development of related industries. Among them, the automatic dispensing machine is a necessary equipment when using electronic glue on a large scale. Every introduction of this equipment In the early stage, all electronic companies need to face the problem of which automatic dispenser manufacturer is good, and in the later stage, they face the problem of accurate dispensing of the automatic dispenser. So what are the factors that will make an impression on the accuracy of the automatic dispenser?
The first element, the size of the dispensing volume and the properties of the glue
It is well known that the working object of the fully automatic dispensing machine as a widely used equipment in electronics companies is glue, and the properties of different glue products and the suitable dispensing equipment are not completely the same. Usually, the automatic glue dispenser needs to keep a certain distance between the glue and the electronic product during the operation. If the distance is too long, the amount of glue may increase and the glue will be too much. Therefore, it must be controlled well. The distance between the glue point of the equipment and the product.
The second element, the size of the release pressure
Since the automatic glue dispenser needs to use internal pressure drop glue to squeeze out the glue dots during the actual glue dispensing process, the glue drops to the corresponding parts of the electronic product. If the pressure inside the automatic dispenser is too heavy, it may squeeze out too much glue at one time and cause too much glue to drop on the electronic product, and if the internal pressure is too small, it may cause the glue to drop intermittently on the electronic product. , And the production defects of electronic products are caused by too little glue.
The analysis on the factors that affect the accuracy of dispensing of the automatic dispenser is here for the time being. Fully automatic dispensers with stable quality have indeed made an important contribution to improving the work efficiency of companies that produce electronic products. However, if the dispensing points of the fully automatic dispensers are too large or too small, it will bring corresponding follow-up problems. Therefore, it is necessary for all electronic companies that introduce the equipment to know the factors that affect the accuracy of the automatic dispenser.