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The following points should be paid attention to when choosi


With the in-depth development of the industrial age, automated production has become the trend of the times. Binding screws are an important part of the production of industrial products, so the development trend of automatic screw machines is also very good. If you want to improve industrial production efficiency, you need to configure an automatic screw machine. But for those who don’t know the automatic screw machine, what issues should be paid attention to when choosing the automatic screw machine?
1. Pay attention to distinguishing machine categories
Automatic screw machines are mainly divided into three main structures: handheld automatic screw machines, X-Y axis automatic screw machines, and multi-axis automatic screw machines. Therefore, the first step is to confirm the type of machine needed according to your own production needs. If there is no machine that meets your needs in the basic types, you can choose an automatic screw machine custom manufacturer, and through communication and coordination with the manufacturer's designers and technicians, you can tailor the machine you need.
2. Pay attention to the service life of the machine
The service life of the automatic screw machine greatly affects its input-output ratio, so we must seriously inquire about the manufacturer's service life and warranty period when choosing a machine. The general life of the automatic screwdriver is two to three years, but there are particularly good-quality machines that can work stably for up to six years. At the same time, the length of the manufacturer's warranty period must be clarified. Generally speaking, on-site maintenance services are provided free of charge within one year.
Three, pay attention to whether the special-shaped screws can be automatically selected
In order to realize the high-efficiency work of the automatic screw machine, it is necessary to ensure that the machine can automatically select the special-shaped screw, so that it can work smoothly. Therefore, in the process of on-site installation and commissioning, you may wish to choose some screws that have flashing, flat head, large-size special-shaped screws and other non-compliant screws, mix them in the normal screws and put them in the hopper for operation, and observe whether the screw machine is working. It can automatically select special-shaped screws without jamming.
Judging from the current industrial market, automatic screw machines have very good development prospects. In the future, due to the generalization and progress of industrial automation, enterprises will inevitably choose automatic screw machines to meet the requirements of factory automated production and realize the shift from manual operation to mechanized production. When choosing an automatic screw machine, you must increase your attention, pay more attention to the type of machine; clarify the service life; pay attention to the automatic selection of special-shaped screws, so that you can choose the ideal automatic screw machine.